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how it began

The inception of our annual retreats within the Christian Women's Ministry traces its roots back to our visionary founder's deep understanding of the importance of spiritual renewal and connection. Our founder, driven by a profound commitment to nurturing the faith and well-being of our women, envisioned a dedicated time for us to retreat from the demands of daily life and immerse ourselves in a sacred space. Drawing from personal experiences and a calling to deepen our spiritual journey, she recognized that annual retreats would provide the perfect opportunity for us to reflect, recharge, and revitalize our faith. With great determination, she meticulously planned our first retreat, aiming to create an environment where we could draw closer to God and one another. Over the years, these retreats have become cherished traditions that continue to offer moments of inspiration, personal growth, and profound spiritual connection, all rooted in our founder's enduring legacy of faith and devotion to the Christian Women's Ministry.

2023 Annual Retreat

2022 Annual Retreat

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