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Black & bling gala

annual retreat

The Lord placed Annual Retreats in Laurie’s heart where all the Breaking Chains members across the country meet. We gather together to celebrate each other and to be refreshed and revivied in the presence of God. Guest speakers are brought in to speak the word of God, and help women connect with the inner strength they posses. These Retreats are the staple of our organization and our largest event annually. The word of God tells us that the Holy Spirit is present whenever believers are gathered together in His name (Matthew 18:20). We come together as one body to be strengthened by God’s Word and each other.

what's coming up:

Monday Night Soul Food

Monday at 6:30PM

Food & Refreshments Available at 6:00PM

Black & Bling Gala

October 21st at 7:00PM

Ticket Required for Entry

Let's Talk About Self-Love

Every 4th Saturday to for women who want to embark upon the journey of Self-Love! 

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